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SEO copywriting and rewriting

SEO copywriting is the writing of such texts, which will sell site information to customers. Actually, it's not so easy to prepare a text, which put emphasis semantic keywords and phrases. Received content must be easily readable, stimulate action (such as a purchase), and at the same time accurately convey to search engines main purpose of the page.

Why order writing and rewriting the professionals, when anyone can write the text, you want for your site, by themselves? If you do well to make repairs in the apartment and you have time, you do so. Otherwise you have to hire experts. SEO copywriting is the same: to get quality content, easy for both users and search bots, you need to contact the professionals.

Filling of the site experts will help you find the original idea, which can attract new customers and encourage them to take necessary actions to you by well-prepared text. In addition you will get more visitors from search engines due to the fact that the content will be optimized for search engines.

Text rewriting

If you're strapped for cash, our copywriters can provide you with the rewritten text, with the originality of 95%. You can either specify only the subject (slightly more expensive), or just to provide texts for correspondence. Such work will cost twice cheaper than making completely original texts.

SEO copywriting